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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

15 Hours and Counting

We are now down to hours instead of days before our departure.  The girls have been handed over to the grandparents so now we are focused on the final tasks before we leave.  Well. . .I'm focused on the final tasks.  Brent has gone to bed.

As is typical with an Isbell family trip, Brent left the packing to me. It seemed too easy getting everything into our suitcases.  There was too much room.  We had to be forgetting something.  At that point I realized I wasn't having to save room for 21 days worth of diapers for a new baby.  I felt like I had won the packing lottery!!

So, all of our bags are packed with the exception of the last little things that we need tomorrow morning.  All of our electronic gadgets are plugged in and charging.  The house is clean and the bills are paid.  Now all that is left is finishing laundry, wrapping up few things for work and running a couple of short errands tomorrow morning.  Then we will be on our way.

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